8 Steps to Greater Profitability – The Lawyers Path to Prosperity

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8 Steps to Greater Profitability - The Lawyers Path to Prosperity

By Edward Poll

8 CD Set

The complete Guide to making your law firm more profitable in challenging economic times

Success is only 8 steps away … 8 Steps to Greater Profitability: The Lawyer's Path to Prosperity is an 8-CD set that provides the most complete audio guide to law practice management available.

From crafting a business plan to selling your practice for maximum value, Ed will lead you from start to finish through the eight most crucial steps to law firm success.  Earn the living you deserve and find fulfillment throughout your career – embark on the path to success today!

8 CD Set: $199.00

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Are you frustrated with how your law firm or practice is running?  Are you looking for ways to jump-start your business?  Do you want to make the dream of starting your own successful firm a reality?

Ed Poll, a leading coach and law firm management consultant, has created this complete audio guide to take small and solo practitioners through all the aspects of opening, running, and selling a firm—and everything in between.

Written with our current challenging economic times in mind, Ed gives you the 8 most important steps you need to make your law firm more profitable through superior management. He gives you current, practical information about ways to build a firm that will eventually be sold at a high value.

The first CD, titled The Write Plan—Turning Goals into Reality, reveals why even small and solo firms need a business plan and how to create an effective one, using just 3 components.

CDs in the set include:

  1. The Write Plan—Turning Goals into Reality
  2. Establishing the New Age Office
  3. Passive Income—Creating Tangible Results
  4. Metrics of Financial Success—What to Measure
  5. Managing Client Expectations – Becoming the Trusted Advisor
  6. Business Continuity – Thriving Despite Disaster,
  7. Selling Your Practice – Getting the Right Price, and
  8. Best of all Secrets from The Business of Law®

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