Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law: Planning and Operating for Survival and Growth, Third Edition

Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law: Planning and Operating for Survival and Growth, Third Edition

By Edward Poll

(Includes a CD of forms & templates, 480 pages, 7x10", ISBN: 1-978-62722-351-5,
Published by The American Bar Association, 2014)

Optimize your law practice for maximum profits and efficiency

This updated third edition of an ABA best-seller outlines the fundamentals of running a successful law practice. Whether you are starting a law practice from the ground up or you are looking to enhance the practice you have, this book contains the information you need to achieve success.

This book explores the following topics in depth:

  • Creating a business plan
  • Marketing – social media, branding, your website, etc.
  • Client relations
  • Financial Management – pricing legal services, the billing process, collections, risk management, etc.
  • Employee Issues – hiring, performance appraisals, etc.
  • Technology – E-Books, mobile apps, financial and ethical implications, etc.
  • Operations – moving your firm, home based practices, overcoming stress, etc.
  • And more!

Lauded by successful practitioners and used as required reading in Law Office Management courses, this book will set you on the path to success.

Includes CD-Rom of useful forms and templates!


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"Edward Poll, Attorney/Author has done it again!

"Attorney Poll, an expert in law practice management has created the third addition to his bestselling book, ATTORNEY AND LAW FIRM GUIDE TO THE BUSINESS OF LAW® , Third Edition: Planning and Operating For Survival and Growth published by the American Bar Association.

"Mr. Poll's book is a treatise on the fundamentals of launching and running a successful law practice for the lawyer just starting and the seasoned lawyer that wants to take her practice to the highest level.

"This book takes one through the business plan stage, covers all marketing issues known to man, leads the reader through the financial management land mines, guides you safely through human resource issues, brings you up to date on Technology implications, and drives you home carefully on the operation of a successful law practice.

"Ed Poll's book is a must read for all attorneys and will make a great gift for recent law school graduates.

"Edward Poll is synonymous with the Business of Law® and LawBiz®! Don't miss out on owning this new best seller!

"Visit [or order on this page]. Price $149.95 General Public, $135.95 Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division members."

– Michael P. Hurley, Esq.

"The Business of Law (2nd. ed., 2003) might be the most practical and informative book I have read in 10 years, honestly."

– Atty, Dallas, TX

"I have ... assigned many of your articles and excerpts from your book to my students in Law Office Management. You are indeed the master."

– JB (Aug 05)

"Your Guide to Biz of Law Book is like a Bible for my practice."

– G. Gordillo

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The expanded Second Edition added 27 new chapters on marketing, personnel issues, technology, time management, clients' trust accounting, opening a new office, and changing from one practice to another. As the author says in his Preface to the Second Edition, "when we lawyers act in a more business-like manner, we tend to be more effective in the delivery of our services." The many ready-to-use forms and charts are available on a disk in eBook format.

Take the first step in achieving a more successful practice – order today to get your own copy of the expanded Third Edition of Attorney and Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law® today!

Third Edition:

Part I: Creating the Business Plan
1: Law Is a Business
2: First Steps in Starting a New Practice: Initial Checklist
3: The Planning Process
4: Setting Goals

Part II: Marketing Paradigms
5: Creating the Marketing Plan
6: A Solo and Small-Firm Practitioner's Marketing Renaissance
7: Using the Internet to Market Your Legal Services
8: Using Social Media to Market Yourself
9: Using Business Cards, Stationery, and Print Media to Support Rainmaking Goals
10: Branding

Part III: Marketing Beyond Advertising
11: Rules for Improving Client Relations
12: Listening to Clients

Part IV: Financial Management
13: Creating the Financial Plan
14: Methods of Determining Revenue
15: Pricing Legal Services
16: The Billing Process
17: Credit and Collections
18: Banks and Loans
19: Equipment Lease Financing
20: Risk Management for Lawyers
21: Client Trust Accounting the Easy Way – With QuickBooks
22: Improving Your Bottom Line
23: Playing the Slow Economy Game

Part V: Employee Issues
24: Hire is Not a "Four-Letter Word"
25: The Law Office as Equal Opportunity Employer: Rights, Risks, and Responsibilities
26: Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals in a Law Office Setting
27: Preventing Workplace Harassment and Retaliation in the Law Office
28: Should You Hire an Executive Director?

Part VI: Technology
29: Technology and the Legal Information Age
30: Financial and Ethical Implications of Technology

Part VII: Operating Your Law Practice
31: A Checklist for Moving Your Law Firm
32: Your Own Island: Opening a Home-Based Practice
33: Case Study: Starting a Family Law Practice
34: Overcoming Stress in Your Legal Career

Appendices include:
A. Cash Flow Projection Forms
B. Monthly Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis
C. Profit and Loss Statement
D. Budget Recap Revenue and Expense Forms
E. General Ledger Information
F. Payment Pattern Analysis
G. Comparison of Essential Provisions of the ADA and the FMLA
H. Examples of Overlap and Conflict Between the ADA and the FMLA
I. Employer Actions
J. Effect on Workers' Compensation
K. Preemployment Inquiries


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